Jaza's World Trip

Technically outta Bolivia

This morning, Chris and I left for our tour of the Salar de Uyuni, on a three-day trip with Esmeralda Tours (actually, ended up being Olivos Tours — meh, same diff). But before we left, we went to the immigration office in Uyuni, and we officially exited Bolivia. So, despite the fact that we won't be in Chile until Wednesday, as of today we're technically no longer in Bolivia. Technically, until Wednesday we're not in any country at all.

"Leaving Boliva" was a straightforward enough process. Just rocked up at the immigration office (conveniently located next door to Hotel Avenida, and to Esmeralda tours), got a stamp or two, paid a fee or two, and we were done. Now we just have to actually, physically, leave the country. All in good time — got another two or three days to do all that.

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