Jaza's World Trip

Salon Mundal, San Cristóbal

This is a great bar in the centre of San Cristóbal, with a talented live band, with the 2-for-1 cocktails that seem to be so common around here, and with energetic dancing as the night wears on. A british girl named Billy, who I bumped into this afternoon — I met her about 2 weeks ago in Valladolid — recommended it to me, so I brought my Aussie mate Sean (from Posada Mexico Hostel) along and checked it out. This is the place to go at night in San Cristóbal.

Being the good Aussie guy that he is, Sean insisted that we "smash up some drinks" tonight, with "some" meaning "as many as we could consume without losing consciousness". So we drank, and then we drank some more, and then we tucked in still more after that. By about 1am, we had to head back before we hit the floor right then and there.