Jaza's World Trip

Return of the Chris (and other reunions)

It seems that wherever I go on this continent, I simply cannot get rid of the guy. When I walked into The Clan this morning, who should I meet yet again, but my old travel buddy Chris! Nah, actually I was really happy to see him — it's been a while since we parted, back in Lima, and plenty has happened in between. Chris will be in town for a few days, before he heads off to explore various other places in Argentina. Today was also a day of reunion with Oly, who I last saw not that long ago in Quito, and who's going to be down here in BA for the next few months, trying to get some freelance web design work. Plus, I bumped into various other people that I haven't seen for a while — such as one guy that I met back in La Paz, and another that I met in Cusco. Seems like all the '07 PEB veterans have come down to Argentina — time for a big reunion party!

To be fair, Chris, Oly, and I did kinda co-ordinate this reunion (so it wasn't completely random), and we were expecting each other down here. But still, it called for some celebration! So to mark the occasion, the three of us partook in the big lunchtime BBQ that the Clan staff put on this afternoon, up in the bar / TV room. We enjoyed some tasty beef patties, which were washed down with several 1L bottles (with 1L being a personal bottle, down here in Argentina) of Quilmes beer. And all of this, while watching the Argentina Pumas absolutely kick Georgia's a$$, in the Rugby game that was being shown live on the telly, for the 2007 Mundial Rugby (lit: "Rugby World Cup").