Jaza's World Trip

Patanuk farewell roast

Tonight was, sadly, my last night in Bariloche, and my last night at the amazing hostel of Patanuk. But tonight was also time to celebrate: and we did so with an enormous dinner of roast beef. One of the Spanish-speaking new guests in the hostel cooked this sumptuous banquet, which almost all of us feasted on with delight. Juicy meat, crunchy roast veggies, and mountains of salad got polished to the bone. I sure ain't leaving this town hungry.

Our amazing chef, frying and roasting the dinner (sorry about the red-eye — not very flattering, I know).

Like we say back in Oz: “get it into ya!"

Being my last night in Bariloche, tonight was also time to party. Being a Sunday night, partying options in most cities in the world would be fairly limited — but of course, this is Bariloche, so pubbing and clubbing all night is no problem, no matter what night of the week it is. The town was a little bit quiet: but nevertheless, we were still able to get in a good bout of crawling around the alcohol-selling establishments. We went to a few different places, before we finally made it over to Wilkenny's (as we did last night), which is about your best bet for a few loud drinks on a quiet night.

Pity it was a Sunday night, though: we got kicked out and had to go home at the extremely early hour of 5am. Yes, Bariloche really is that f%&king cool: 5am finish means that it's been an early, sleepy night. Sydney could learn a few things from this place.