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London, 'ere we come

Last night was a very short night. I took off from Boston's Logan Intl at about 6pm, and I landed in London's Heathrow Intl by 5am. And it was only a 6-hour flight. First time I've ever been across the Atlantic ocean, and also the first time I've flown with British Airways. All went well: no delays, no customs dramas, and no turbulence worth mentioning. Not much sleep — but good movies made up for that anyway.

After the many bus trips (and the few flights) that I've taken in South America lately, BA's in-flight entertainment system — where you can actually choose your entertainment, rather than just be forced to watch whatever rubbish they're playing — was a godsend. I watched the new flick Evan Almighty (the sequel to "Bruce Almighty"), which I found hilarious (it helps to have a juvenile sense of humour, naturally). Since I was travelling to England, I felt that I had to watch at least some BBC comedy before landing: I got in half an episode of Yes, Prime Minister before we got there; great series, and I haven't seen it for years.

Not much to report on the neighbourly front: just two old ladies, part of a tour group, on their way to Greece for a guided trip there. No drama on the customs front, either: British customs and immigration was surprisingly easy; I expected to go through hell on entering the UK, but it turned out to be fine. Maybe it helps to enter the country at 5am as well, when tired officials have better things to do than spend an hour interrogating every innocent Aussie backpacker that comes their way. Also, the fact that the London tube goes straight out of Heathrow Airport, and into the city centre, made my life much easier: it's about the cheapest and most convenient Airport commute I've had so far on my trip.

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