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Jo's Place, Huaraz

One of the coziest and the friendliest places I've ever stayed at. Jo's Place is run (somewhat) by Jo, an English guy who lives on the premises (hey, it's his place!), who likes to work on the building and the garden, and who enjoys a trip to his neighbouring pubs. It' also run (much more) by Mrs. Jo, his Peruvian wife, who finds you a room, and who makes sure that you pay for your board. Really charming place, with a great big garden to hang out in, and with plenty of fellow hairy adventurers to meet and to talk to.

Rooms: basic but well-kept little dorm rooms.

People: as with everywhere here in Huaraz, all hikers and crazy mountain-climbers; some seasoned veterans, some green young 'uns. Great bunch: but a pity that they only hang round for a day or so, before heading off into the hills.

Staff: Jo, his family, and his staff are all very nice, and very accommodating.

Location: A bit out of the centre of town (10-15 minute walk), but nice and a bit more tranquil.

Food / Internet: no free breakfast, but the extra-cost breakfast menu is cheap and delicious. No Internet available — but very cheap places nearby.

Hot water: 24/7 — not to be taken for granted in this area.

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