Jaza's World Trip

Hostel Inn, Puerto Iguazú

This place is famous as the best place to stay, on either side of Iguazu Falls (Brazilian or Argentinean). It was recommended to me by several people in Buenos Aires — and it's so big and so full of tourists, it seems that I'm not the only one that got a recommendation about it. Everyone in town comes here! And with a BBQ dinner every night, live entertainment in the evenings, free Internet and Wi-Fi, a big well-stocked bar, daily tours to the falls, and a huge swimming pool, why would you go anywhere else? The place is more like a resort than a hostel, really. Considering that it only costs about US$10 a night, it's a ridiculously nice place for a travel-weary backpacker to crash at. Hostel Inn: a part of the Hostelling International network.

Rooms: quite comfortable, located downstairs and away from the noisy bar and common area, and not too crowded.

People: every man and his dog that's come to see Iguazu Falls is staying here. Backpackers from near and far, a few families, a few couples, a bit of everyone really.

Staff: very professional, all English-speaking, and available all the time.

Location: not the greatest — a fair way out of town, so you have to get a bus or a taxi to/from the place — but at least it's quiet and peaceful out here.

Food: great buffet breakfast of cereal, bread, fruit, and tea / coffee / juice. Plus, the all-you-can-eat BBQ dinners are sensational: see how much asado (beef) you can stuff yourself with!

Internet: 5 PCs with a good connection (actually 5 isn't that many, considering how many people there are here). Plus, plenty of laptop-owners take advantage of the Wi-Fi.

Hot water: strong and reliable.