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Herberge der Jugend, Dresden

The Herberge der Jugend, Dresden is an absolute last-resort accommodation option: I only stayed here tonight because every single other hostel in Dresden was full; don't consider staying here unless you're faced with a similarly dire predicament. It's a nice enough place: but it's more than ½ an hour from the city centre, and it's completely dead. Dresden has plenty of better hostels: do yourself a favour, book one of the others... and make your booking well in advance!

Rooms: nice, and you'll get one all to yourself (for less than a crowded dorm elsewhere); although a bit cold at night.

People: huh?

Staff: only available at very limited times; although friendly and helpful when they're around.

Location: fricking miles away from anywhere; although it is, at least, (fortunately) quite close to a regular tram service, that goes straight into the city centre.

Food: none provided; but the guest kitchen is pretty god.

Internet: I think they're meant to charge you for it (they have a system where you shove tokens into a machine, in order to power the 2 PCs in the lobby), but the staff insist on giving you the tokens for free. Nice perk!

Hot water: didn't try it — probably good.

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