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Happy birthday, Jesus

Having got back from my three-day rafting trip yesterday, I was in Cusco today, in time for Jesus's birthday. In honour of the occasion, Jesus held a grand old fiesta this evening, which began with copious amounts of beverages in his apartment (none of which I could drink, due to my still being on antibiotics), and which continued with dancing (and more beverages) out on the town. A great celebration for my friend and school principal, with many of his oldest and dearest friends coming from far and wide, to be there and to celebrate with him.

Despite our lack of success in working together, it looks like Jesus and I will always be friends, and will always at least be able to party together (although I'll never be able to drink like Jesus does!). I got Jesus some DVDs for his birthday (from El Molino, of course) — interesting and philosophical, just the way he likes them. I also had the chance to meet Jesus's crazy friend Jacinta at the party this evening, which by itself made the event worthwhile.

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