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Hampy web site work begins

It was delayed for the past week, due to Jorge and various other people going on a hike to Choquequirao, but now the work on the new Hampy web site has finally begun. Tonight, I completed the first humble steps, on the way to getting Hampy a new, stylish, Drupal-powered (naturally) web site. Hopefully the new site will be ready to go in the next week or two.

Looks like I'll be working mainly during the nights over the course of this week, as Jorge's computer and office are not always guaranteed to be free during the day. That's fine with me, as I have school and various other activities during the day anyway. The aim for the end of this week is to get a development environment set up on Jorge's computer (did that tonight), to mockup a new design for the site, to implement the new design as a Drupal theme, to work out a new site map and navigation structure, and to get a Drupal installation set up and configured properly. Looks like we'll also need to sort out some new hosting for Hampy, as the current host that they're with is pretty lousy. I'll see how we go getting all that done in one week. :P

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