Jaza's World Trip

Hampy site: all-night marathon finale

I said I'd do it, and I did it: as of 4am, Monday morning, the Hampy web site is complete! After losing all of today to our visit of the Moray ruins and of the Salinas, I knew that it would take nothing less than an all-night coding marathon to get the site finished, launched, and 100% wrapped up, in time for leaving Cusco tomorrow. But it's done. And now I'm free. And the site looks good. And I'm feeling very happy.

The main things that were left to do tonight, after all my work over the past three weeks, were to finish off the string translations, the URL redirections, and the live site settings. Ashley was also working with me very hard, into the wee hours of the morning, to get as much content as possible finished in time for launch. Then, all that was left was to actually put the site live.

The launch of the new production site on the live server went pretty well. Once all the files were uploaded, the cron job was set up, and the database was imported, it all just... worked. As every Drupal site should, and (hopefully) does! It was a magic moment, seeing the finished live site for the first time — myself, Jorge, and Ashley were over the moon to finally see the fruits of all our hard labour.

Jorge was kind enough, at 4am (when we finished up), to present me with a certificate, as a token of appreciation for my voluntary work in giving Hampy a new web site. Very cool. Anyway, after that I was pretty stuffed; so I closed down everything on my one-time web site development box, put away my certificate, and grabbed a taxi back to my hostel, for my final (very short) night of sleep in Cusco.