Jaza's World Trip

First book in Spanish finished

Just finished reading El Principito, and it's the first book that I've read in Spanish! Only took about 2 months — and it's a children's book, of about 130 (small) pages (some of which are illustrations) — but I persisted, and I got through it in the end. Obviously, I had the 'ol dictionary by my side the entire time, and I used it prolifically. After having read the book, I feel a lot more confident in my Spanish grammar, and my vocabulary has increased a fair bit. But I think it's time for a break from Spanish books: El Principito was very hard work; now I need a few nice, rubbishy, no-thinking-required, English-language paperbacks to breeze through.

Spending a few days in the laid-back poolside area of Casa de Arena, here in Huacachina, has been the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading, which I haven't had much time to do lately — what with all my frantic volunteering work back in May, and with my hectic travels through the Bolivia-Chile-Peru gringo trail, during June and most of July. Anyway, now that I've overcome the big obstacle of my first book in Spanish, I can return to English books, and start churning through them paperbacks once again.