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Farewell to Wil and Monica

Wil and Monica, two of the students that have been with me at Amigos these past two weeks, are leaving Cusco tomorrow. As such, tonight we held a little farewell get-together for them, over at Jesus's house. We had a good turnout for the farewell — of students, staff, and friends of the school — and it was a fun night of talking, reminiscing, and beveraging. Wil and Monica have both been great friends to me during their time here, and I know I'm not the only one that's going to miss them.

As is the custom for almost any visit to Jesus's house, there was a mandatory drinking of vodka and orange for everyone. Not sure why Jesus is so big on the vodka and orange: when a bunch of people are sitting on couches in a cosy living room, and they drink a lot of vodka, all that happens is that everyone falls asleep. Not that exciting, really. Anyway, a few of the others continued on to the nightclubs in the Plaza de Armas: however, I'd had enough to drink, and I had classes at 8am the next day, so I called it a night before the clubbing began.

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