Jaza's World Trip

Farewell Brunch in Boston

After almost two weeks here, my dad and I are finally saying goodbye to the cousins (and to each other), and leaving Boston. To farewell us in style, the Goldsteins took us to The Cheesecake Factory — a fine restaurant not far from Newton — for a Sunday brunch. The strawberry pancake thingies were sensational: although they were so big that even I, pig-out waste-nothing shoestring-backpacker that I am, couldn't finish mine.

So long, Boston cousins!

Since this is the last day with my family, and since my next stop on this trip is super-expensive Europe, this could well be the last proper meal that I have in a while. Good thing that I filled up: I certainly won't be able to afford any restaurant dining, once I'm east of the Atlantic!

And see you in Sydney, dad.