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Exploring downtown Lima

Getting to downtown Lima from Miraflores is very easy, as there are combis (minibuses) going up and down Av. Arequipa all day. Av. Arequipa is the long, wide, straight boulevard that connects these two important areas. This afternoon, I hopped on a combi into the downtown area, and checked out what there is to see around there.

Unlike in other cities, the centre of Lima is not the most exciting place to be. The tourist hangout is Miraflores, and the party scene is at Barranco. They have a beautiful central square, called the Plaza de Armas, that boasts a grand statue, and a nice collection of gardened areas and pathways. There are also numerous churches, museums, and art galleries.

Apart from that, Central Lima consists mainly of shopping areas. Plenty of places to eat, to buy clothes, to buy electronics, and to book travel plans. Not really any huge attractions. But fairly nice to just walk around.

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