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Cloud Forest Hostel, Chugchilán

One of about three very nice, and very good value, lodgings in the tiny village of Chugchilán, on the Quilotoa Loop. The Cloud Forest Hostel is a place with a lot of character, with a lot of warmth, and with very nice rooms and facilities. The large amount of food that they give you is great — and it's also necessary, since there's virtually nowhere to go and eat in the village. I stayed here two nights, and I was very pleased that it was time well spent.

Buildings of the Cloud Forest Hostel.

Rooms: quite warm, and extremely comfortable.

People: friendly bunch of hikers and backpackers, as well as the odd tour group.

Staff: the shining example of true country village hospitality.

Location: On the edge of the village — which is all of one street.

Food / Internet: breakfast and dinner are included with your stay, 7 days a week. Both are good, in terms of taste and quantity. No Internet (not sure if there's any in the village?).

Hot water: considering the size of the village, the showers are amazingly good and reliable.

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