Jaza's World Trip

Bus to Puerto Iguazú: more super-cama

Seeing that my last big bus ride here in Argentina was so nice, I decided that I couldn't help myself: for last night's ride from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú, I went super-cama with Via Bariloche once again. I tell you, they really know how to live here in Argentina: these buses are absolute, first-class luxury! As with the last trip, last night was about as pleasant as 16 hours on a bus could possibly be: more hot roast dinner; more medialunas for breakfast; and more wine and champagne to boot. And all on those excellent, well-paved Argentinean roads. It's almost unbelievable that Argentina and Bolivia are right next to each other, because the standard of transport in these two countries is about as different as you can get.

Saw an excellent movie on the bus, called La Tigre e la Neve ("The Tiger and the Snow"). Another Italian film produced / directed / written by / starring Roberto Benigni, and just as gorgeous as his famous film from a few years ago, La Vita è bella ("Life is Beautiful"). I won't give away the story here — I'll just say that, as with "Life is Beautiful", this film is a mix of crazy humour, heart-warming generosity, and horrific war, that really couldn't have been done much more perfectly. And it's all so Italian. I loved every minute of it. It was shown undubbed in Italian, with Spanish subtitles — I managed to follow the subtitles pretty well.

Also saw Mr. Bean's Holiday (managed to see all of it, unlike last time), which was hilarious. Although when they left it replaying after it finished, and showed the first half all over again, the jokes wore a bit thin. I hear that this is probably going to be the last Bean — I hope that's not true!