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Ban's Diving Resort, Ko Tao

Ban's is one of the biggest resort / diving-school joints in Ko Tao: but don't let this put you off. It's a great school: highly experienced instructors, friendly service, and all the support you could need. It's a great resort: lovely rooms, a superb bar / restaurant, and an unbeatable location. Plus, despite all that, it still manages to offer pricing competitive with many of its lesser rivals; and even more amazingly, it still manages to retain a cosy, chilled and friendly vibe. Alex, Caroline and myself stayed at Ban's for four nights (accommodation complementary with the PADI course), and we had a blast here.

As far as location goes, Ban’s ain’t bad.

Rooms: above my usual standard so far in Thailand — clean, secure and quiet.

People: if you're staying at Ban's, then it means you're diving; and if you're diving, then it means you rock. Hence, the people at Ban's all rock :P.

Staff: also divers — hence, they also all rock. Instructors are all champs, and the reception staff are also courteous and professional.

Location: middle of Sairee, right on the beach — doesn't get much better.

Food: the restaurant (slash bar) serves up excellent dishes, at the same standard (albeit over-inflated) prices as every other restaurant on the island. Western food available too, should your cravings demand it.

Internet: available in reception at the standard ripoff Ko Tao rate of 2B/min — Internet's too expensive, and Ko Tao's too nice, to waste your time online while you're here.

Hot water: as with most places in Thailand, it hasn't got it, and you don't need it.

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