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What did I tell you about bus tours?

I know, I know: you told me not to go on them, and I should have listened to you (yes, that's you, wise Filson family!). But Noam asked me to come with him on the tour around Mérida, and I didn't have anything else to do today. So, 100 pesos later, I was on the double-decker tourist bus, listening to the sterile American voice coming through my headphones.

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Teotihuacan tour

Booked myself in for a full-day tour of Teotihuacan today. The tour included an early start of 9am, from the hostel's front door (which I was late for); a tour of Tlatelolco, the ruins of ancient Tenochtitlan, inside Mexico City; a trip to the Lady of Guadaloupe, the largest church (and a collection of several churches) in Latin America; and a trip to the archaeological site of ancient and majestic Teotihuacan itself.

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