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Another visit to Mario

Mario, my host father here in Cusco, has been in hospital with pneumonia for 1½ weeks now. I visited him last Sunday; and today, I paid him another visit. Man, what a change he's been through! He looks much, much better now. No more oxygen, no more IV — he's well on his way to recovery. And plenty of friends and family are visiting him regularly, lifting his spirits, and helping him get better. Fingers crossed, according to the doctors he should be coming home tomorrow.

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Visiting Mario in hospital

I spent this afternoon at Cusco's (only) private hospital with my family, paying a visit to my unwell host father, Mario. The rest of the family has been there every day, since he was admitted on Thursday — my host mother, Flora, has been virtually living there — but today was my first opportunity to go and spend some time there. Mario's in fairly good condition, and he's being well taken care of — both by the nurses, and by his family — but he's still going to need more time, before he's ready to return home.

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