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Hand-made sisal hammock

The Mérida area is famous for being the best place in Mexico to buy hammocks. The good Mexican hammocks are the ones that hark back to an ancient Mayan tradition: hand-made; dyed with natural, local plant products; and woven from the sisal fibres that are easily obtained from the native cactus plants. A local pointed me to one of the top hammock outlets in Mérida, and I picked myself up a beauty of a genuine Yucatán hammock.

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Deitel C++ en Español

Saw this in a bookshop in Mérida. It wouldn't mean much to the non-geekified among thee, but to me, it looked pretty cool. Deitel's C++ How to Program is one of the more famous books on programming that's available on the market today. I never imagined that I'd see it in Spanish. But I guess that a book like this is available in pretty much any language.

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Big momma ceramic carving

This chunky lady was on display in a special exhibition of modern ceramic artwork, at the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa. Not only is this señora large and naked; she's also looking down over her shoulder, and examining her behind with a mirror!

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Upside-down globe

At one of the market stalls in Teotihuacan, we saw a souvenir of particularly — and amusingly! — poor workmanship: a little world globe that was upside-down. It was quite weird to look at.

I guess Australia ain't the land Down Under any more!

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