Jaza's World Trip


One week at Amigos

I've now finished my first week of classes at Amigos; and while it hasn't been exactly what I expected, I've learned a lot, and I've had a good time. The teaching has been much slower than what I had at UTS last year, but it's also been much more thorough, which should help to kick some of the bad habits I've picked up in my Spanish. And what's more, I already feel like I'm a part of this small and cosy school, which is more than just a school. The name Amigos couldn't be more appropriate, because this school is above all a place where everyone is friends.

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Farewell to the Flying Dog

I've been here at the Flying Dog for a full week, and despite originally being peeved about being stuck here, I actually met some really great people here, and I'm going to miss them all. However, as of tonight, everyone here is either leaving Lima, or moving to another hostel; because the whole place has been booked out by a travelling circus.

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Back at Amigo, Mexico City

After a month of Mexican hostels, I'm more certain than ever that Amigo is the best damn hostel in the country, and it was great to return and to spend one last night here. I didn't do anything much for my final night in Mexico; just hung out at Amigo, and had some drinks with the other folks staying there. Also had a little reunion with Alan, who has returned from his volcanic expedition, and who's going back home to England soon.

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Mad rush out of Palenque

Tara, Dan, Alan, and myself got a colectivo back from Palenque ruins. Since Alan and I were planning to go straight into town and find some transport to San Cristóbal, and since Tara and Dan also needed to go into town, we convinced the colectivo driver to stop in El Panchán, and to wait for us for 1 minute. However, I hadn't already packed up, so I needed to do so in a hurry!

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Farewell to Jackie

After the late night last night, I also had an early start this morning, to have breakfast with Jackie, and to say goodbye to her before she left for the airport. My first Mexican breakfast was standard enough: just toast, coffee, and orange juice. Not quite as exotic as last night's enchiladas, but hey, it did wake me up.

The first plane trip

My great year of adventures began with a long, two-legged flight from Sydney to Mexico City, via Los Angeles. Farewells at Sydney Airport were said, with many 'a-tear shed, and then I was off.

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