Jaza's World Trip

Crazy consumptions

Home-made tequila and mezcal

On the way to Teotihuacan, we stopped at a little tourist house, and tried some shots of home-made tequila and mezcal. These drinks aren't nearly as strong as the usual variations that you find in bars, but they taste much better!

These drinks are mixed with almonds and honey, among other things. The result is sensational.

Tapas thingies

Not sure exactly what they were — kind of a big round taco, covered in meat and fish, and salad and salsa. Anyway, I got one of these in the street for just 8 pesos, near Hostel Amigo, and I gotta say it tasted superb, and it was easily enough to fill me up for lunch!

Seco a la Norteña

Goat meat cooked in an exotic sauce made of mint, coriander, ginger, garlic, onions, chilli, and spices, and shared with Peruvian style cooked beans, cassava, and rice.