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Location map just got better

Good news for all of you that like to check the map of the places I've visited: our friends at Google announced on Friday that they have just added coverage of 54 new countries to Google Maps! Of these new countries, quite a lot are in the Latin American region — this means that almost all the countries I've been to (and plotted on my map) now have proper coverage. So if you look at the "locations" page on this site now, you should get a pleasant surprise: all those red dots on the map are no longer in a sea of empty white; you can actually view them in their proper context. I discovered this cool improvement today, and I'm very impressed with how it looks. Thanks, Google Maps team, and keep up the good work!

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Browsing improvements on this site

Dear visitors,

As of today, this site has received a number of minor enhancements, in order to improve the ease of browsing through my numerous blog entries. I hope that you will find the following new features on the site convenient:

  1. There is now a monthly archive of all blog entries. You can view all blog entries for each month (grouped by day) on a single page! Should make it much easier to catch up on older blog entries, and to keep track of which entries you have and haven't read. Also provides fixed pages from which you can access all the entries, rather than the reverse chronological listing, where the entries on each page number change constantly.
  2. At the bottom of each blog entry (the full entry, not the summary), there is now a link to the previous and next entries (according to date and time). So you can now "cruise" from one blog entry to the next, without having to keep going back to the index pages.
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Welcome to the site

This is the first blog entry on my new world trip site. Welcome! There isn't much content on this site yet, but I will be filling it up with stories, photos, and much more, over the coming year.

As you can find out from looking on the about page, in 3 weeks' time I will be leaving my home town of Sydney — and my home country of Australia — and embarking on a world trip for 12 months. I've made this site in order to let people know where I am and what crazy things I'm up to, and also to permanently document what is sure to be the journey of a lifetime.

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