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Located in the German-speaking "Swiss heartland" of northern Switzerland, Basel is a beautiful and historic city that sits right on the border with both Germany and France. Like Zürich, Basel is immaculately neat and clean, and is also quite chilly at this time of year. I didn't actually spend any nights in Basel; but today, I took a day trip here from Zürich with my uncle Mark, and explored a bit of the city and its museums.

Tinguely machine: video

When uncle Mark and I visited the Tinguely museum in Basel today, we saw some extraordinary mechanical artwork in action. The largest of Tinguely's machines, in particular, was quite a sight to behold. Check out the video.

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Tinguely museum visit

For something completely different, today uncle Mark took me on a little excursion out of Zürich, west to the city of Basel, in order to visit the unique and fascinating Tinguely museum. And to see the special exhibit that was on there. And for a nice lunch. And just to see beautiful Basel. Susi couldn't make it — she had something else on for most of the day — but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

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