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Andahuaylas is a small Andean town, situated deep in the mountains between Ayacucho and Cusco. I only stopped here for about half an hour, as it was the midpoint of my 24-hour Ayacucho-to-Cusco bus trip. Very scenic area — the town is in a massive valley, with towering mountains all around — but not much to do here, and whatever you can do here, I didn't stay long enough to see it.

Ayacucho to Cusco bus ride

This was the longest bus journey that I've undertaken so far on my trip. It was about 24 hours in total: I left Ayacucho at about 7pm last night; we stopped and changed buses this morning at Andahuaylas; and I finally arrived in Cusco at about 7pm this evening. The ride was tedious through the night, and not overly comfortable the whole way; but the Andean highland scenery during the day was spectacular and intriguing, and it made the whole trip worthwhile.

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