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Salisbury is a small and ancient town, nestled in the countryside of England's south. Apart from having the tallest cathedral in the country, Salisbury's other big claim to fame is that it's the nearest major town to Stonehenge, the world-renowned millenia-old and mysterious circle of stones, that are on the empty high plains just a few miles away. I didn't actually visit Salisbury itself (although I would have liked to): however, I did get to see Stonehenge.

Stonehenge tour

One of the most famous historical attractions, here in England, happens to be right down here in the south-east. That is of course Stonehenge, the millenia-old mysterious standing-stones, that lie in the middle of the bleak high plains near Salisbury. Since it was a drizzly Sunday over in Bath (not that it drizzles exclusively on Sundays, naturally) — and since they do tours from Bath to Stonehenge daily, for quite a reasonable price — I decided to hop on a tour bus, and to see this important monument. What can I say: they're very old, and they're very mystifying; but really, they're just rocks.

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