Jaza's World Trip


Land of sun-soaked beaches, all-night parties, ice-cool capirinhas, and irresistable women: Brazil is the dream destination of every South American traveller, and it's also my grand finale stop on this continent. Brazil is an enormous country — most of which is taken up by the never-ending Amazon rainforest — and apart from the fact that they speak Portuguese there (and that some of its cities are really dangerous), nobody should have any excuse for missing it in their Latin travels.

Hostel Paudimar, Foz do Iguaçu

Paudimar is the Brazilian sister to the Hostel Inn on the Argentinean side. While it's not as big or as fancy as its famous sister, it's also part of the HI network, and it's also a nice place to stay. They're a bit far out of town, but their spacious out-of-the-way location gives them room for an enormous garden, a set of hammocks, a nice swimming pool, and camping space. They also have a tour agency on-site, for all your booking needs.