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Liège is one of the chief cities in the French-speaking southern part of Belgium known as Walloon. It doesn't have an awful lot of fame to its name — and as such, it's not on every tourist's must-visit list — but it boasts a gorgeous historic centre, and a proud and unique local cultural vibe. I came to Liège mainly to visit my friend Christian and his family, whom I stayed with tonight.

Reunion with Christian

Christian is the last of (no less than) four people (or groups of people) with whom I've had a reunion in the past four days; of whom three were people that I met in South America. I met Christian while doing the Santa Cruz-Llanganuco hike in Peru, back in April. He lives in Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium) with his wife Nancy, and his two daughers Marine and Florine. I had a great time this evening, enjoying dinner with Christian and his family, and catching up on old times.

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