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Antwerp is the principal city of Flanders — i.e. Dutch-speaking northern Belgium — and today, its rich historical roots and its lively bar scene attract many a tourist or two. I didn't stay any nights in Antwerp; but I spent most of the day here today, on a trip from Turnhout with my friends Annick and Stef.

Afternoon in Antwerp

For today's main activity, my friends Stef and Annick took myself (and little Karlijn) on a drive out of their home town of Turnhout, and over to the big city of Antwerp. Antwerp is only 50km's away from Turnhout, so it was a quick drive of less than an hour to get there. Antwerp is the heart of Flemish Belgium, and I soaked in as much of it as I could, as Stef dragged me around in the dreary December weather to see the sights and sounds. Annick and Karlijn, however, had better things to do than get soaking wet while wandering the streets: they stayed warm and dry in Antwerp's central mall, where they embarked on that greatest of all female pastimes: window shopping.

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