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Yom Kippur in BA

Anyone who tries to claim that you can't backpack around the world — going from one party hostel to another — and still keep Yom Kippur: you're wrong. It's possible, and I did it. Following on from the evening service last night, today I spent most of the day once again at the local Chabad house, here in downtown BA, praying for atonement and keeping the fast. Once again, a very nice day of services, and a good turnout of people to help make it happen.

Took a siesta of about two hours in the afternoon, during the quiet period before the morning and the final services. Once again, managed to "get by" reading in bed at The Clan, even though this is definitely not the "done thing" around here. I got through the fast no problems: the massive steak that I had yesterday, along with about 2L of water, seemed to do the trick just fine. And when the shofar finished sounding at the end of the day, and the holy day came to a close, we were even treated with some refreshing cakes and soft drinks at the shul. Another year, another Yom Kippur: only this time, it was a bit different.

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