Jaza's World Trip

Wil from Amigos

Wil's been studying at Amigos with me (but not in my class) for the past two weeks; and he's also involved with the volunteer group Hampy, that I went on a little tour with today. Wil's an American from Upstate New York, and he's been travelling in South America for quite a while already, so his Spanish is quite good. He's got a girlfriend from Chile, and from the sound of things, their relationship is pretty serious. He's a quiet guy, but he's very genuine, and he's doing great work with the kids at Hampy, helping them work out how to find employment.

Chocco folks. Left to right: local kid, Terese, Wil, Ashleigh, Sarah (behind Ashleigh), another local kid, Milena, and another Local kid.