Jaza's World Trip

Uncle Ben's curry

Back in Oz, we feel like Chicken Tonight; but here in Austria, they feel like Uncle Ben's. Tonight's dinner was quick, cheap and easy: with a bit of rice, a bit of vegies, and a bit of Uncle Ben's stir-fry curry mix, I had me a delicious (and enormous) serving of curry, courtesy of the Snowbunnys kitchen. Now that Craig, Sarah and Kade have buggered off, I'm back to my usual big, unoriginal and economical cooking tricks — but hey, it floats my boat. And everyone said that it smelled great, too.

Tonight was a fairly chilled, easy-going evening in Kitzbühel. After some quiet reading and a bite for dinner, I sat and lounged in front of the TV for a while — although none of us were able to find anything decent, even on the myriad of channels that are provided courtesy of Dave's hacked satellite access (wasn't even anything exciting on the porn channels). I went out to Flannigans again with Jake and Mitch, but I wasn't particularly in the mood for excessive drinking or chatting (or passive smoking): I was too tired and shagged out to make it a big night, so I said goodbye early on, and hit the sack before something hit me. Jake said that he wasn't feeling well — his words were "I'll just say hello and have one beer, and that's it" — but despite this, he still didn't stumble back to the hostel until 5am the next morning. Crazy bastards.