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The Unicorn life

As of today, Marie, Claire and myself have moved out of Mr. Jan's Bungalows (cosy though they are, and nice though Mr. Jan is). Following Sonny's example, we've moved over to the Unicorn I bungalows, where we are privy to what is possibly the deal of the century. For a mere 100B/night, the Unicorn I offers quaint little bungalows (albeit rustic), in a gorgeous grassy field — plus, they let you use all the luxury facilities of the nearby (but much pricier) Unicorn II resort! The newer and flashier Unicorn II boasts such freebies as a private swimming pool, a sauna, and free Internet. If you're heading to Pai anytime soon, be sure to check out the Unicorn thing.

Unicorn I bungalows: my new home.

Claire departed on a 2-day hike this morning (she'll be back in Pai when the hike's done). But that still left Marie, Sonny and myself to spend all day taking full advantage of "the Unicorn life" — which consisted mainly of relaxing by the pool, and also making the most of the free Internet. Not a bad way to spend the day, if I may say so.

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