Jaza's World Trip

The air in Mexico City

The first thing I noticed about this city, when I started exploring it, is that the air is much cleaner than I thought it would be. I've always heard that the air pollution is among the worst in the world here, and so I was expecting the worst. But it's really not that bad.

Maybe Sydney is just as polluted as Mexico City these days, so I was already used to the excessive smog. Or maybe Mexico City's air has improved in recent years, since the introduction of driving restrictions in parts of the city's centre.

Anyway, for those of you that are curious, the air is quite breathable, and the sky quite blue, here in adorable Mexico City.

Not perfect air


OK, maybe I was talking a bit too soon about the cleanliness of the air in Mexico City. After now having explored the city a bit further, I think that the air pollution is much worse on the city's outskirts, and even in the agricultural areas outside of (but near to) the city. The sky is very hazy in these areas, and the air is noticeably harder to breathe.