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Thai and Indian in La Paz

Bolivia is an amazing country; but sadly, this is despite its culinary offerings. Fortunately, there are plenty of exotic gringo restaurants in La Paz, offering many of the fine foods that we crave from back home, and that give us a break from the positively ordinary local food of Bolivia. Last Thursday night, I dined on some delicious Beef Vindaloo at the Star of India restaurant. And today, I had some great Red Curry Thai Chicken at Maphro On.

First curry since I left Sydney. And boy, was it good! Thank G-d you can find Indian and Thai food (almost) everywhere in the world. Don't know what I'd do without it.

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Have you got an address for

Have you got an address for these places?


Sorry, but I wasn't forward-thinking enough to write down the addresses of these restaurants. However, if you can find your way to Loki hostel in La Paz, you'll be able to find the addresses there. Loki is in Calle Loayza, about 3 blocks from the main drag that runs east-west through the middle of the city.

The Star of India

the Star of India restaurant is on

Calle Cochabamba No.170 near sol y luna and olivers travells