Jaza's World Trip

Stocking up for Pesach

So far in my travels, I haven't really done the whole buy-groceries-and-eat-frugal thing. It's been cheap as it is, eating at restaurants and at hot-food street stalls. But with Pesach coming, I decided that I have to stock up on some unleavened supplies to keep me going for the next week. So this morning, I popped into a supermarket in Miraflores, and did some basic shopping.

Alas, they don't seem to sell Matzah at the stores anywhere around here. But I was able to get enough other stuff to keep me nourished. Fruit, cheese, cans of tuna, and eggs. And plenty of bottled water as well.

One really strange thing about the cash registers at the supermarkets (and other stores) here in Lima: they calculate the price in soles, and in US dollars! Unlike in Mexico — where none but the most touristy places accept dollars — everyone is more than happy to accept either local or gringo currency around here. Apparently, this is a hangover from the hyper-inflation period of 10-15 years ago, when soles became worthless, and dollars became the de facto preferred currency.

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