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Station Backpacker's hostel, Cologne

The Station Backpacker's is a reasonable enough place: big, full of party spirit, and right in the heart of fun-packed Cologne. My biggest gripe is that the hostel has too many levels, and too many winding stairs to take you up to them: you kind of end up racing up and down them a lot. Otherwise, it's a well laid-out affair, with good staff and even better fellow guests. As with yesterday's hostel in Freiburg, it's just a pity that I can't stay here longer — but my schedule is rather hectic at the moment.

Rooms: comfortable, quiet, and very secure — except there's so many of them, you can get lost looking for yours.

People: Cologne's a party city, and the guests at this place are looking for as much of the action as they can find.

Staff: not the most helpful bunch, but they do their job, and they speak good English.

Location: as the name suggests, it's one block from the train station — but also an easy walk from the historic centre and all the nightlife of Cologne.

Food: breakfast isn't free, but is extremely cheap and pretty good. There's also a good guest kitchen available.

Internet: 3 PCs, available for free use — excellent deal; just watch out for the PC on the left, it's too slow and crap to actually use.

Hot water: didn't get a chance to test it out.

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