Jaza's World Trip

Sprüngli chocolates

No visit to Zürich would be complete without a visit to its most famous chocolate shop, the Sprüngli. And Mark and Susi would never let my visit go incomplete: so naturally, this afternoon we popped in to the establishment, for an experience of true and utter decadence. The highlight of the visit was the Luxemburgerli: divine little "buttons" of chocolate, best eaten fresh (i.e. within 24 hours of them being made), and filled with all manner of artery-clogging richness. Also incredible were the Truffles: each of these balls of chocolate comes in a variety from milky-white to dark brown, and is variously filled with rum, cream and liquid chocolate. The truffles kept me nourished for well over a week after.

Truffles at the Sprüngli.

Once we were done at the chocolate shop downstairs, we went upstairs to the Sprüngli cafe — and once inside, the gluttony only got worse. All three of us decided to go for one of the Sprüngli specialties: a dessert consisting of chestnut purée, elegantly squirted onto a plate in a towering beehive shape, and smothered in copious balls of whipped cream. And to go with it, I ordered a delicious hot choc (what else is new), just in case I hadn't quite yet satiated my chocolate fix for the day.