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Small world in Lima

Since I got back to Lima yesterday, I've been on a ridiculously hectic roller-coaster ride of bumping into old friends from previous stops on my trip. In particular, it seems that right now, it's Cusco in Lima. Everyone's just hanging around the big city this weekend — and because the gringo haunt of Miraflores is only so big, everyone's bumping into everyone. It really is a very, very small world, when you're a backpacker in South America.

Old friends that I've seen in the past 24 hours:

  • Rowena, British red-head girl, who was volunteering for Hampy in Cusco when I was there
  • Rebecca, British nurse living in Sydney, who I also met in Cusco, through Hampy
  • Terese, the crazy Irish girl (first met her in Loki Cusco, then again in Cusco, through Hampy), who every time that I'm sure I'm seeing her for the last time, I end up seeing her somewhere else, yet one more time
  • Claire, Aussie girl, who was in Flying Dog with me last time I was in Lima, and who's in Lima at the same time as me again now
  • Numerous people that I thought I'd lost, when I left Huacachina yesterday
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