Jaza's World Trip

Sex before breakfast

It's 6:30am, and I've just pulled into Bangkok, tired and hungry after a night on the road. I'm wandering around the streets near Khao San Road, looking for a quiet café where I can grab some breakfast and read a book, while I wait for the city (and for myself) to wake up. I'm armed with my hefty backpack, and perusing the menu of an early-bird café, when a scantily-clad Thai girl runs up to me (out of nowhere), drapes her arm around me, and starts caressing me. I pretty much literally had to run away from her, before she gave up on offering herself to me, and left me in peace. For heaven's sake: if a bleary-eyed backpacker at the crack of dawn isn't safe from assaults by whores, when who and when the hell is safe?

The poor, desperate whore virtually jumped on me in the street this morning, and greeted me with: "hey man, you want have sex?"

"Huh?" I replied, half-asleep. "No. Thankyou. Just breakfast for me."

"You take me to your room," she insisted, apparently oblivious to my large backpack, and failing to deduce that I probably didn't even have a room. "We have hot sex. Bang bang — let's go!"

"No sex, thankyou," I said calmly.

"Come on — I wanna have sex now," she continued tugging at my arm.

The girl wasn't listening to me at all — so aside from accepting her depraved offer, the only thing I could do was to walk off down the street, and to ignore her. She followed me for a few minutes, repeating that she wanted to have sex as she tried to keep up with me. Eventually — after I told her blatantly to "go away", and ultimately to "f$#% off" — she relented, and abandoned me as a lost cause. Worse than a stray dog who thinks it's found a new friend.

The constant presence of prostitutes here in Thailand is really starting to get on my nerves. It's not so much sickening, as it is downright annoying. Other parts of the world may be unsafe for women travelling alone: but I think that here in Thailand, the danger is far greater for lone men. In Bangkok especially, the hookers buzz around you like flies.

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