Jaza's World Trip

Sarah's stew

Sarah cooked up a beautiful stew tonight, here at Patanuk, which a whole lot of us devoured in its entirety. Lovely big hunks of meat, fat roasted vegetables, and a thick and juicy gravy-like sauce. Perfect dish for a cold, rainy night in Argentina. And went great with the standard several bottles of red wine (goes without saying, really :P).

After four solid days of snowboarding, I was absolutely buggered last night. I did my usual thing (I generally do it at least one night, on every ski trip), and crashed at about 7:30pm, garbed in my clothes and my shoes and all. Sarah, however, was kind and thoughtful enough to wake me up at about 10:30pm, in time for partaking in "the eating of the stew". My little power-nap did me good: it even gave me the strength to go out after dinner, for a few hours of pub-crawling and beer-drinking in town.