Jaza's World Trip

Salty morning

This morning began our tour of the Salar de Uyuni, the world's highest and biggest salt flat. After a brief visit to the Uyuni train cemetery, we took off to the flats themselves. Our group has six people (plus our guide, Raul, and his son, Willy): myself, Chris, Leila, Christina, another Swiss (an older woman, can't remember her name), and a French dude (can't remember his name either). We drove across the salt flats in our Land Cruiser 4WD this morning, and it made for a very salty morning indeed.

Salt, as far as the eye can see.

A lot of people take cool trick photographs on the salt flats, because since it's flat and white all around, there's no field of reference, and hence perception becomes a relative thing when put into a photograph. I didn't do the whole trick photo thing; but I still got plenty of great shots.

Relaxing on a mound of salt (they harvest the salt in some parts of the flat).

Bunch of flags on the salt flat. Why is the Israeli flag bigger than the Bolivian flag? Maybe since there are more Israelis than Bolivians here, they feel that the area is practically part of Israel? :P

Salt bricks can be used to build a house out of salt.

De facto road through the salt flat, stretching in front of us to the horizon.

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