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Reunion with Chris from Mexico

I first met Chris over two months ago, during my blissful week of sea and sun in Tulum, Mexico. Since then, we've travelled different paths, but we've kept in touch, and we've kept track of each other's whereabouts every now and then. Chris, 35-year-old backpacker-slash-British-web-developer and cheerful chap, has now made it here to Cusco; and tonight we had a reunion and caught up on old times.

As you can see on Chris's blog, he's been back home to England, to the USA, and to Ecuador (including three weeks in the Galapagos!) since I last saw him. But now that we've bumped into each other again, we're probably going to travel for a little while. Chris is definitely coming with me on my jungle trip next week, and he might be coming along with me for (at least part of) my subsequent travels in Bolivia as well.

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chris's blog

Well I can see why you get on so well with this chap. I just had a look at his blog and it's a bit pythonesque. He has that strange sense of humour which we so love. And there are more pics of you on his blog than yours. Probably because he is holding the camera. Also he puts really cute comments on his pics, like about the creepy crawly things (was that a reference to leeches or pirahna fish?)that got into the wellington boots in the river and how much they love their "arches". Quirky!