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Primeros libros en Español

I learned a lot of Spanish during my time at Amigos, but I still have a huge thirst to learn more. And what better way to continue my learning, than to start reading some Spanish books? So, today I bought my five primeros libros en Español (lit: "first books in Spanish"). At s/10 for the five of them, total bargain. And they should certainly keep me busy for at least the next few weeks, whenever I have spare time to kill on my trip.

My first five modest little books in Spanish.

These books are all small, easy little paperbacks — most of them written mainly for children — so they should be perfect primers for me as well. The first book, El Principito, was recommended to me by Jesus as a good starter book in Spanish (I think almost everyone learning Spanish tries to read it). It's a children's book, originally written in French, and nice and easy as far as the grammar goes.

The next two — Ollantay, and Cuentos Peruanos — are Peruvian books: still written for children; but a bit more advanced, and a bit more rich in local culture. Ollantay is a historical story, from the time of the conquistadores; and Cuentos Peruanos is a collection of Quechua and other folk tales. The fourth book, Don Quijote de la Mancha, is also a historical story; but from Spain.

I got the fifth one — the cookbook Comida Peruana — just for a bit of fun; and also as something to take home, for when I want to whip up some Peruvian cuisine in years to come. All up, great little purchases, and ones that will keep me busy and learning for quite a while on my trip.

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