Jaza's World Trip

Palermo apartment: lucky find

Once I reached central Palermo this morning, my main task was to find somewhere reasonably cheap — and reasonably comfortable — to clean myself up after roughing it in the highlands, and to relax for the night. I ended up riding pseudo-randomly around the historic tourist centre, and looking for what I hoped would be such a place. And boy, did I score a lucky find! I stumbled across a B&B, where they were asking a price way above what I was prepared to pay, and way above the price of my other accommodation so far in Sicily. That was to be expected, I guess: Palermo's a big city, and things are bound to cost more in a big city. However, when I pressed them for a cheaper option, they offered me a spare apartment around the corner for the night — not sure what the deal was with this place, if it belonged to a friend who was away for the weekend, or if it was a vacant holiday apartment, or whatever. But I didn't care: not only did they give me this gorgeous apartment for the night; they gave it to me for a very reasonable price, and they threw in breakfast at the B&B to boot! So as far as a night in Palermo went, I didn't do too badly at all.

Lucky apartment in the historic centre of Palermo.

The apartment that I scored was pure luxury: on the bottom level was a little lounge area with a couch and a coffee table, as well as a bathroom with plenty of hot water; and up top, it had the most comfortable queen-size bed I've ever slept in, as well as a TV and very exquisite décor. Since I got to Palermo so early, and since I managed to find this place and to dump all my stuff in it almost straightaway, that gave me the rest of the day to relax in Palermo. Relax I did — as well as clean myself up, find a cheap nearby Internet café, and catch up on this blog like there was no tomorrow.