Jaza's World Trip

Pair of serious boots

While I was in Kaplan's — the place where I got my Army raincoat — I also got myself a pair of serious boots. These fellas are Carhartt, a brand that specialises in workwear and military-use gear. I think they were pretty much the best pair of boots in the shop: thick-soled, hard-skinned, and waterproof; and yet reasonably flexible and comfortable as well. Orthotics fit in them just fine.

Big enough?

From now until the end of my trip, these are what I'm going to pretty much live in. My flimsy runners are already in the mail, on their way back home. It's time to get serious about this backpacking stuff.

I like what I see!


Now that is a pair of boots!

Now that is a pair of boots! Great site, luv the picies. Fab stories all round.