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All the blog entries that I've managed to scratch down, while travelling around the world.

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The taxi driver convinced me to stay at Hotel Reforma Avenue, instead of staying at a hostel. Despite being more expensive, however, this stay was definitely worth it, because fate arranged for me to meet Jackeline.


When I was boarding in LA, I saw a guy with a Kippah in the terminal. When I got to Mexico, "mi mejor amigo" (aka fate) put me with this guy, in the long queue to get through customs. We got talking: he's from Israel (Petah Tikva), and was here to meet up with his wife. We were both totally lost and clueless, and we were both happy to have found another Jew in this big city.

The first plane trip

My great year of adventures began with a long, two-legged flight from Sydney to Mexico City, via Los Angeles. Farewells at Sydney Airport were said, with many 'a-tear shed, and then I was off.

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Seco a la Norteña

Goat meat cooked in an exotic sauce made of mint, coriander, ginger, garlic, onions, chilli, and spices, and shared with Peruvian style cooked beans, cassava, and rice.

Welcome to the site

This is the first blog entry on my new world trip site. Welcome! There isn't much content on this site yet, but I will be filling it up with stories, photos, and much more, over the coming year.

As you can find out from looking on the about page, in 3 weeks' time I will be leaving my home town of Sydney — and my home country of Australia — and embarking on a world trip for 12 months. I've made this site in order to let people know where I am and what crazy things I'm up to, and also to permanently document what is sure to be the journey of a lifetime.

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