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Otavalo bus busker

You get all sorts of people on the buses, up here in Ecuador (as in Peru and Bolivia). They'll jump on, they'll do anything for a buck, and then they'll jump off a few minutes' ride down the highway. They'll sing in Quechua (please, could you not!). They'll sell you paperback books. They'll hawk the herbal remedy solution that could revitalise your sex life, boost your confidence, and increase your lifespan by 15 years. Usually, they're loud and painful, and you pay them just to shut up and to move on to terrorising the next bus. But today, on the bus back from Otavalo to Quito, the busker on the bus was quite professional. He had a guitar.

Very much above the usual standard of bus busking in these parts. Not that "10-year-old boy testie-pop wailing a Quechuan love song" can really be considered a "standard". More a lack thereof. Anyway, this guy held an acoustic guitar, he sang with a reasonable voice, and he wore a great big Don Quijote moustache. And he played a whole swag of love songs and ballads in Spanish.

Sounded like he was singing with a big of an Argentinean accent (which I've come to recognise fairly easily, by now). I think that since Argentina is very much the musical capital of the Latin world, people always put on a bit of that accent when they're singing in Spanish — kind of like how most people subconsciously do a bit of an American accent, when they're singing songs in English. Interesting, and quite amusing — because Ecuadorians sure as hell don't usually say "Sho me shamo Lucah, no gracyah", they say it properly — "Yo me llamo Lucas, no gracias".

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