Jaza's World Trip

One last Moondance

Today was my third and final day on the idyllic Moondance beach, and it was no different from the days before it. More of relaxing, more of occasionally taking a dip, and more of doing very little. I found Robert in his usual nesting-spot, sprawled on the sand next to a big rock; and in the afternoon, we were joined by a friend of Robert's, who's just arrived direct from Austria (and who's not gay — although he does run a bar in Graz), as well as by Iris and Andrea.

It was a long and lazy day, and we followed it with a long and lazy evening, spent sipping a few drinks at the hippie beach bar next-door to my pad. I was surrounded by Austrians — four of them now! — but they're a friendly bunch, and I survived their regular Deutsch interludes in the conversation. There was some cool fire juggling on the beach; and everyone seemed to be getting stoned except me. Hey, if I made it through South America, and if I made it through Amsterdam, then I'm bloody well going to make it through Thailand without smoking any weed. Anyway, I was feeling pretty mellow throughout the evening: no doubt I partook in plenty of "passive weed smoking", just by sitting next to everyone for so long.

Robert’s friend, myself and Robert (left-to-right), reclining on the cushions and mats at the beach bar.

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